Compact powder for face and body Nuxe Poudre Eclat Prodigieux

Have a nice evening everyone!
Today I want to talk about my recent acquisition, this beautiful thing:
Who cares, I invite you to a detailed review

Another such photo:
and so here:
and opening the case 180 degrees:
Detailed opinion:
Smell the powder is pleasant, unobtrusive, disappears very quickly.
Beneficial features protects the skin from negative environmental influences (vitamin E).
Visual effect it is enriched with finely dispersed pearl mute and optical correcting pigments, which create the effect of velvety and tanned skin.
Equipmentpowder and only powder, there is neither a sponge, nor a brush.
Application does not cause trouble, powder is easily drawn onto the brush, it is well shaded, but there is a chance to overdo it with powder.
In sock very good on the face, even in 28-degree heat. Holds on the face and does not disappear until the evening. Pores are not scored to me. I won’t say anything about matting, because I don’t put it on my fat T-zone.
Weight 25 gr
Very worthy product
I pick up on my fingers:
I put this dose on my hand:
Without any makeup, only this powder on the face and on the cheekbones:
Here, in addition to powder, there is still a blush on the cheeks:
Price: 1400 rub.
Testing period: 1 month. about
Thanks for attention!
And yes, come on you!

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