Natural Facial Cleansing Masks

Many of us now live in poor environmental conditions, and already suffer from skin disorders. I'm not an exception. Therefore, I am looking for means to effectively cleanse the skin of the face, including pores. How can you cleanse your skin effectively, but gently? I have tried many options. In recent years, I have been trying to choose funds without surfactants, that is, non-dusting. For example, I came across such remedies: Lavaerde body wash and cream from Logona or Kenzoki euphorisant from Kenzo. I tried different means from the company "Secret of Beauty".

But now I like to use home remedies most of all. They are very easy to use, effective and safe, as they do not contain preservatives, flavorings, stabilizers or other nonsense. After using them, I have a very pleasant feeling on my skin. Such remedies I call a “cleansing mask”:
• cleansed skin looks refreshed due to micromassage with natural tiny particles;
• in 1-2 minutes it absorbs well all the excess that is on the surface of the skin, as well as in the pores;
• upon repeated application, you can leave it for 5-10 minutes as a complete nutritional supplement (you can add a suitable base oil, for example pine nuts //;
• after cleansing, the skin “breathes” in a different way, I can really catch this difference;
• looks smoother, and over time the tone of the face evens out, since the products are very soft pilling;

My favorites are cereals and legumes. These are multifunctional tools. I’m the mother of a little restless child, therefore I like to save time with the help of multifunctional tools ☺ But I do not like to save on myself and the result.
• So, I often use oatmeal. This product is usually found in every home. I try to use cereal oatmeal grown in ecologically clean places. I grind it in a coffee grinder, mix it with warm water, mix it thoroughly to the consistency of sour cream and apply it on my face for 1-2 minutes. Then wash off with warm or cool water. Often add natural honey. The consistency is very pleasant, and aroma-a-at! % -) But at the same time, the skin "does not creak." She looks fresh, soft and velvety to the touch. Usually, after oatmeal, my skin does not ask for cream. And all thanks to the means in which only 100% biologically active components are vitamins, trace elements, proteins, etc.
• There are times when I prepare seeds to cleanse the skin flax. With them I carry out exactly the same manipulations as with oatmeal. I only dilute a lot of water to the consistency of cream. Flax behaves differently on the skin. Ground seeds are a little more difficult to remove with water. This cleansing mask is more convenient to remove with a clean sponge or cotton pad. What are the features of flax? It perfectly soothes the skin. For example, with allegria or sunburn or minor inflammations. Therefore, I often use flax in the summer and when traveling to hot countries. And what a charming aroma of ground flax with nutty notes! % -)
• Sometimes I use to cleanse the skin gpeanut or chickpea flour, and rye flour. They do their job well. But according to my feelings, they can slightly dry the skin. Therefore, for dry skin, I would recommend to try them last.
Next, a great way - this is known to all cosmetic clay. The method of application is similar to cereals - add warm water, mix to the state of sour cream and apply on the face for 1-2 minutes. They have a very rich chemical composition, right half a periodic table ☺ All this nourishes my skin very well. It must be borne in mind that all clays dry the skin (more or less, depending on the type of clay and skin condition for use). There is a different quality of such clays. Some are suitable for cleansing the face due to good cleaning and microscopic grinding. they look like powder. Others are larger grains, and I use such clay for the body so as not to injure the skin with large grains. I also heard about low-quality producers who can mine clay in environmentally disadvantaged areas. I don’t know whether this is true or not ... But it’s better to ask the sellers to present certificates in which it is written in black and white that this clay is suitable for cosmetic purposes and has passed the necessary control. In pharmacies, I often came across two Russian-made clay firms. They were grains. I use phytocosmetic clay without additives - they have a fine grinding. But some time ago, the company changed its owner, and I do not know what quality of clay is now.
Clays differ in chemical composition, which is reflected in the color of clays. Here is how Phytocosmetic describes them:
White (or kaolin) - provides an influx of oxygen., Promoting the formation of collagen, which gives tissues elasticity, fights small wrinkles, tones the skin, whitens and refreshes the complexion. This is a very popular type of clay.
Blue “Due to the balanced content of minerals and bioactive substances of natural origin, Valdai blue clay masks significantly reduce wrinkles, age spots, perfectly cleanse the skin. A powerful stimulating effect allows you to achieve a quick and pronounced anti-aging effect. Blue clay provides saturation of cells with necessary substances and energy natural compounds, nourishes the skin and stimulates the regenerative processes in the tissues. Providing excellent results, clay masks return healthy wet face, giving the skin firmness and elasticity. "
Black - “It has antiseptic, cleansing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, is actively used in the treatment and prevention of acne. Minerals regulate metabolic processes in the skin, increasing its moisture, strengthen cell membranes, protecting the skin from moisture loss and the harmful effects of the environment. Deep the healing effect of clay refreshes and restores the skin. " As a rule, such clay works well on oily skin with acne.
Green “It normalizes the metabolic processes in the skin cells, softens and tones, smoothes fine wrinkles and prevents their early appearance.” This clay is well suited for oily and combination skin.
• Stand alone soap clay gassul (or russul) “She is credited with such properties as“ narrowing and cleansing of pores, smoothing small wrinkles, strengthening the face contour, increasing skin turgor, normalizing fat balance. ”Now Gassul is my favorite. I plan to write a separate article about her. After the first application, the skin stopped peeling , became soft and tender, inflammation decreased! And how it “works” with hair! An amazing remedy.
All of these components are quite simple to find, they are easy to store due to the fact that they are in a dry state and do not spoil for a long time. I put them in beautiful little jars and store them in a cabinet in the bathroom.
And the last one. My house has very hard water, and after it my skin is tight and dry. Therefore, I rinse my face after clay cereals with soft (filtered) water. Then the skin is soft and delicate.
I also use mixtures of cereals, herbs, clays, and essential oils.

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