What Mylovarov prescribed! part number 1

Good day to all! Today I’ll tell you about my completely dietary goodies for the body from Mylovarov. I won’t write in detail about the packaging, I’ll just say that scrubs, salts and tiles are packed in convenient plastic jars with lids.

1.Mylovarov Cleansing cream-tile for the body "Strawberry with cream"

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter (shea butter), perfume composition, poppy seeds, SK-CO2 * extracts (rosemary, aloe vera, apple, grape, coneflower, burdock), vitamin E, CI 77491 dye.
Now my opinion about her:
Girls, she's beautiful in every way! The first is of course the smell. It smells like strawberries all over the bathroom, and not with some chemical aroma, namely, garden sweet strawberries with a slight sourness. The smell lasts a very long time, I want to go there more often). The tile itself is quite oily, melts on steamed skin, and particles of poppy (inside of which are much larger than it seems) perfectly massage the skin. I use it after all the basic cleansing procedures, I just rub it on the skin and enjoy the aroma. The skin after it is a little oily ( which is not surprising, given the composition), and after I dry myself with a towel, there is no oil coating at all, just smooth and moisturized skin with the smell of strawberries. I will definitely get other tiles!
rating 5
the price is 330 rubles.

2. Mylovarov Sugar body scrub "Hot Chocolate"

Ingredients: cane sugar, sugar, shea butter (shea butter), almond oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, perfume composition, SC-CO2 * extracts (rosemary, aloe vera, apple, grape, echinacea, burdock), ground coffee, cocoa , Vitamin E. * - SK-CO2 - extracts are an environmentally friendly natural product extracted from natural raw materials with liquid carbon dioxide. The product is 100% natural.
My opinion:I love scrubs very much, and I love chocolate scrubs even more, so it’s hard for me to be impartial) Scrub smells really good with sweet chocolate and milk. Sweet tooth will be hard to resist not to try, I could hardly resist. The scrub is quite oily, but does not oil film. Medium-sized sugar particles are exactly as needed. The skin after it is tender and does not require urgent application of lotions and creams. The smell on the body remains for about 20 minutes. In principle, it is exactly what good sugar should be like scrub. Neither add nor add! Be sure to try the rest of the scrubs of this brand, and recommend it to all scrabomaniacs.
rating 5
price 510 rub-350 gr.

3. Mylovarov Bath milk "Goat's milk"

Ingredients: baking soda, milk powder, starch, almond oil, perfume composition, SK-CO2 * extracts (rosemary, aloe vera, apple, grape, coneflower, burdock).
My opinion:
I tried milk for bath from other manufacturers before, and in principle I really liked it. It is a dry powder, like powdered milk or powdered sugar that needs to be dissolved. The water in the bathroom becomes a little unclear, as if milk was poured into it. After taking a bath the skin becomes soft and velvety, but not oily, if the skin is completely dry then it may not be enough moisturizing from it. The smell of my milk is soft and sweet, which reminds me of the smell of a milkshake without additives. In general, the product is absolutely not sarcastic but very pleasant.
Rating 5
price 330 rub-230 gr.

4. Mylovarov Bath salt "Sea with seaweed"

Ingredients: sea salt, seaweed (kelp), perfume composition, SK-CO2 extracts * (rosemary, kelp, fucus, dandelion, nettle, calamus), CI 42090 dye.
My opinion
Despite the fact that I usually prefer chocolate-delicious aromas of bath products, I decided to experiment! And as a result, I received bath salt with seaweed (following the logic, I decided that sea salt, let it be with seaweed, doesn’t have chocolate in the sea). The smell is the most that neither is marine, I immediately want a vacation and go ahead to the sea! But, until the vacation is soon, you can soak in the bathroom. Well, what else can you say about this salt? All the same, salt is salt. It is dissolved not to say that quickly, the water becomes so slightly bluish and grains of these same algae float in it, just like in ordinary sea water. The skin after the bath is so nice and elastic or something (I don’t know how to explain, but I like the sensations) .In general, a decent salt.
Rating 5
Price 270 rub-300 gr.
Also in my collection there are several types of soapI will talk about him in the next part! Thank you all for your attention!

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