Emerald Splendor - Mini Metallic by Divage (many photos)

I don’t have any words to describe, I need to see it once ... and fall in love.

First, I’ll say a few words about the application:
The varnish is applied easily, the brush is quite comfortable, albeit small, from the first layer it lays down without bald spots, bubbles and other inconveniences, it gives off color immediately. I, the person who always paints in two layers, I don’t even see the point of applying the second coat with this varnish, because the color is already bright and beautiful. The varnish dries quickly (the first nail on my left hand dried up when I finished the last on my right).
About cons:
For me personally, they are not, because I do not wear colored / bright varnishes for several days, that is, I wash off every evening. And for those who like to do color manicure for a long time, this will be a big minus. The varnish is not completely resistant, because by the end of the day the tips are erased, chips may appear.
Rating: 5- (minus for instability)
Price: about 70 rubles or something ...
Oily volume: 4 ml
Colour! The color is gorgeous! I will give it a separate rating of 10! =)
And now a lot of photos:

But the sun came out:

And not in an independent manicure, but for decoration:

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